Doric brave

The Oct. Say What, Young MacGuffin? Does anybody know what he was actually saying? Can you post an example?

doric brave

They were blown away — are you making that up or making a real dialect? Pixar is so thorough so they like the idea of a real dialect. Lord MacGuffin: And all of our teeth! Young MacGuffin: If he was a wee bit closer, I could lob a caber at him, ye ken. Lord Macintosh: And we don't hide under bridges, you grumpy old troll!

Lord Dingwall: You want a laugh, eh? Young Dingwall: [Attacks Lord Macintosh] All of this strongly implies that, yes, Kevin McKidd understands exactly what the character is saying and in addition the dialog has been transcribed. So, the straight answer to your question, "Does anybody know what he was actually saying?

Visitors to Scotland are often surprised to learn that not all Scottish regional accents and dialects are easily comprehensible even amongst Scots. Doric is widely regarded as the hardest one to make out - so it is an apt choice on the part of Pixar. Here is a brief guide. That his last name is MacGuffin suggests that it won't be important what he says. A MacGuffin's content is never as important as its existence alone.

Maybe I should rephrase. What exactly is Young MacGuffin saying? Thanks for the IMDB link, mwhybark, holding my breath for the rest! Brave isn't on general release in Scotland until next week, so most Doric speakers won't have seen it yet. Sounds like the character's comprehensible enough for those who havethough, so this will probably be an easier question to answer then.

I'm a native Doric speaker, and I speak the exact same variant as Kevin McKidd we're from the same townbut I haven't seen Brave yet as it's not out here. If you could post some lines he says or link me to a video where he speaksI can provide a translation.

In the line provided by mwhybark above " If he was a wee bit closer, I could lob a caber at him, ye ken. I just saw this recently and love that some proper north east doric is included. After the speech that Merrida gives the gathering this is the line which MacGuffin says "It's jist nae fair makin us ficht for the hand o the quine that disnae want any bit o it. You know? This thread is closed to new comments. Tags doric.Doric Language The origins of the Scottish Doric language with a description of this dialect and example words The Scots Doric language is perhaps one of the fastest spoken words in Scotland.

It is often described as poetic and rhythmic with a soft gentle flow and a pronounced roll of the r. It dates back centuries and has its roots in farming, so though it is a soft dialect it can have some rude phrases! It can be quite comical at times, just look up "Fit fit fits fit fit? They were used in a time when farmers used horses in the time before tractors were invented or in common use.

Yoke would mean to harness the animal to the plough at the start of the day's work whilst Loused would mean to unfasten or to stop work. Like many Doric phrases they can have several meanings. Eg - Lousin' the sheaves when using the old threshing mills i. You would also louse your belt of your trousers to slacken it.

Like all spoken and written languages it has adapted over the years and whilst some phrases may have described manure they are now being used derogatory. Read examples of the Doric language in our A-Z of words. Or have your sentences automatically translated using our Scottish Translator Tool. The Doric language does take some getting used to: just recall the Disney cartoon Brave and how even the Scottish folk didn't understand the Doric speaking character played by local loon Kevin McKidd!

Though spoken here in the North East of Scotland, predominately Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire but as far as Morayshire, the Doric language origins are thought to date back to ancient Bronze Age Greek times where a group of invading people known as Dorians spoke their own dialect in a region outside Athens, from which it spread.

These fair, northern, Indo-European, invaders are thought to have introduced the Western Greek language and provided leaders for most of the Greek Kingdoms and City states including Sparta and Corinth.

Doric Language

Years ago it is thought that someone compared the folk of Grampian to this group and the rest is history. Those living in Aberdeen are known as Aberdonians whilst those Doric speakers living in Morayshire are called Moravians. Follow our posts on Facebook and Twitter. An army veteran moves his family back to his Aberdeenshire home, but his nightmare neighbour starts a battle of wits with him.

Who will win this One Last War? Buy this latest novel by local author C.If you had the chance to find out more about the making of a gorgeous Pixar film, wouldja? Change your fate with this awesome Brave trivia:. They also considered adding a bagpipe to the Pixar logo!

They practiced with each other until they became experts in how people move during fights. Thankfully, there are pictures. This became the inspiration for the epic scene where Fergus pretends to be Merida while Queen Elinor practices her lecture.

Merida definitely defies stereotypes, and we love her for it. The voice actor was given his lines in plain English, and called his mother before recording so she could help translate them into Doric. Brave proves over and over that moms are the best. The directors scrapped that shot because when Elinor started sprouting hair, they feared audiences might think she was turning into Fergus and what a different movie that would be. Merida is five feet four inches tall, and Bear-Elinor is nine feet tall when standing.

Their height difference created such a challenge for animators that sometimes they sunk Elinor into the floor a bit in order to fit both characters in the same shot. The script originally called for the triplets to distract Fergus by projecting a shadow on the wall using a bear puppet.

The writers changed the puppet to a chicken on a stick because they thought it was funnier we agree. Directors almost cut the touching flashback scene of Elinor and Young Merida singing a lullaby, due to the difficulty of animating Merida as a toddler.

Doric dialect (Scotland)

They eventually succeeded by scaling down the animation of teenage Merida and then making her features more youthful, resulting in the adorable little lass we all know and love. Filmmakers scrapped this idea in order to show the colors of the beautiful Scottish landscape. They wanted something that sounded both cute and mysterious nailed it.

doric brave

Human or not, Elinor is the definition of fierce Mama Bear. The directors thought he should redeem himself by leading others towards their fate and away from the evil that consumed him during his lifetime. Did you learn anything new?

Oh My Disney. Share this article. Facebook Pinterest Twitter Tumblr. See Comments. What do you think? Your Facebook name, profile photo and other personal information you make public on Facebook e. Subscribe to. Facebook Instagram YouTube.Doric is a dwarven master smith and warrior who lives in his hut east of Taverley.

doric brave

He has a son named Boricwhose mother left them while Boric was still young. He has fought alongside the warrior Kara-Meir.

He runs a metalwork business out of his hut, supplying customers with various weapons. His hut contains an anvila furnace and a whetstone on the ground floor, and an underground area with another furnace and anvils which must be excavated first. He also plays a key part in the novel Betrayal at Falador. Doric's anvils are the closest to the Dwarven Mine and furnace at Falador. He is the self-proclaimed best maker of pickaxes in Gielinorbut he has a running order with Nurmof and will not sell any.

Occasionally, the Puro-Puro portal will open there, resulting in a crop circle. Doric's early history and exact age remain unknown. He is known to be more than years old, meaning that he was born some time before 64 of the Fifth Age.

Like most dwarves, he was raised a follower of Guthixalthough the religion was not actively practised. Doric trained to become exceptionally skilled in hand-to-hand combat, his preferred weapon being a battleaxealthough he would use smaller throwing axes as well. In the mines, Doric is known to have fought a number of dangerous foes, which would later harden his nerves and improve his effectiveness in combat.

In approximatelyDoric left Keldagrim for unknown reasons, opting to take up permanent residence in the wooded region north of Falador, on the fringe of Asgarnia. Doric constructed a log cabin south of the Goblin Villageand became largely self-sufficient. To keep himself supplied, Doric raised a number of mountain goatsalthough he was occasionally forced to trade with nearby settlements and farmers.

By all accounts, Doric was fairly friendly with most of his neighbours, and maintained healthy relationships with most of them. Kinshra raids, such as those led by Commander Sulla intended to focus on more easterly settlements, and the threat of the Kinshra was never cause for extreme worry on Doric's part.

As the years progressed, however, small settlements and farms tended to move further west, crowding Doric and causing him to become slightly more hostile to some of his neighbours. Although most were willing to tolerate this change, a handful did bear Doric some resentment. Inwhen humans were being attacked by the werewolf Jerroda group of men suspected Doric and robbed his house of gems and livestock and burned his hut down. The White Knight Squire Theodore found Doric getting his secret stash of adamantite bars from the ruins of his hut.

Doric accompanied Theodore to get justice from the Falador White Knights. There, Doric identified Kara-Meir 's sword as one made of adamant. While staying in Falador, he found one of his stolen gems being sold on the market and tried to take it back, but stopped after the guard threatened to arrest him. Following the Siege of FaladorDoric successfully petitioned for the return of his stolen property which once again made him rich.

Ebenezer also offered to make him one of his heirs, but Doric refused, given how he was older than Ebenezer and already had a fortune. During Midsummers Eve, he travelled with Ebenezer to Varrock to meet up with Theodore, but had to wait for him to return from an outing.

Prior to leaving for PaterdomusDoric spoke with Horvik and turned his adamant bars into adamant arrows and obtained a wolfbane dagger. He arrived in Canifis and took a room at the Hair of the Dogpreferring to stay there with Albertus and Gideon while the others went exploring. After the myreque attacked the town he fled with them, and overcame Imre in single battle claiming he wanted a wolfskin rug while Imre wanted to eat dwarf meat.

In exchange for his life, Doric made Imre promise to help them if need be. He joined the Myreque at Hope Rock and joined them on the hot air balloon Hope Soars, grumbling about being in the air.

After the balloon was downed he joined the survivors in running for the river, calling upon Imre to mislead the werewolves hunting them. He managed to make it back across the river with the straggling remains of the Myreque.

Like most dwarves, Doric is hardy and often keeps to himself, but he is loyal and sympathetic to those whom he considers his friends without limit.Doricthe popular name for Mid Northern Scots [1] or Northeast Scots[2] refers to the Scots language as spoken in the northeast of Scotland. There is an extensive body of literature, mostly poetry, ballads, and songs.

In some forms of literature it is found as the language of conversation while the work as a whole is in standard [ clarification needed ] Scots or British English. A number of 20th and 21st century poets have written poetry in the Doric dialect.

The term "Doric" was formerly used to refer to all dialects of Lowland Scotsbut during the twentieth century it became increasingly associated with Mid Northern Scots. The name possibly originated as a jocular reference to the Doric dialect of the Ancient Greek language. Greek Dorians lived in Laconiaincluding Spartaand other more rural areas, and were alleged by the ancient Greeks to have spoken laconically and in a language thought harsher in tone and more phonetically conservative than the Attic spoken in Athens.

Doric Greek was used for some of the verses spoken by the chorus in Greek tragedy. Use of the term Doric in this context may also arise out of a contrast with the anglicised speech of the Scottish capital, because at one point, Edinburgh was nicknamed 'Athens of the North'. Most consonants are usually pronounced much as in other Modern Scots dialects but:. Some vowel realisations differ markedly from those of Central Scots dialects.

The vowel numbers are from Aitken. North East Scots has an extensive body of literature, mostly poetry, ballads and songs. During the Middle Scots period writing from the North East of Scotland adhered to the literary conventions of the time; indications of particular "Doric" pronunciations were very rare.

15 Things You Didn’t Know About Brave

The 18th century literary revival also brought forth writers from the North East but, again, local dialect features were rare, the extant literary Scots conventions being preferred. In later times, a more deliberately regional literature began to emerge.

In contemporary prose writing, Doric occurs usually as quoted speech, although this is less and less often the case. As is usually the case with marginalised languages, local loyalties prevail in the written form, showing how the variety "deviates" from standard "British" English as opposed to a general literary Scots "norm".

This shows itself in the local media presentation of the language, e. These local loyalties, waning knowledge of the older literary tradition and relative distance from the Central Lowlands ensure that the Doric scene has a degree of semi-autonomy. Doric dialogue was used in a lot of so-called Kailyard literaturea genre that paints a sentimental, melodramatic picture of the old rural life, and is currently unfashionable.

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doric brave

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