Remote control cars for kids

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Home Improvement. Video Games. Personal care. Back to school. The college shop. The K shop. Shop Electronics. Tech Savings. Cell Phones. Smart Home. Shop onn. Wearable Tech. Auto Electronics. Portable Audio. Office Supplies. Shop All Fashion. Back to School.Many kids love cars - and if that's the case for your little one and you're looking to get them a new toy that'll go down a treat, then be sure to take a look at our amazing range of radio controlled cars.

Top 7 Best Remote Control Car for Kids in 2018 Reviews. Cool Control Cars For Toddlers

We've got something for all ages and there are tons of cool designs to choose from - whether you think they'd appreciate a sleek and super-fast Ferrari or Bugatti, or a monster muscle truck instead!

We've even got Toy Story fans covered too. For something seriously special, our electric ride-on cars are the way to go. Engine sounds, multiple speed pedals and opening doors make these just like the real thing, so your child can hone their driving skills early on in life! We have some great designs for kids that'll let them take aerial photos and gain a whole new perspective!

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Home Toys Radio controlled cars and toys Radio controlled cars. Filter by close filter. Age range Child years Child years Child years 4.

remote control cars for kids

Child years 3. Teen years 1. Brands New Bright 9. Rastar 4. Air Hogs 3. Chicco 3. Type Cars Sports cars As a Hot Wheels track, the steeply banked curves and crash-causing intersecting loops are pretty standard, but the remote control and AR functionality set this toy apart. Kids can control the included cars with Bluetooth-enabled phones, firing virtual missiles and laying down obstacles, Mario Kart-style, to slow down their opponents. Once kids build this tanklike version of the Batmobile they can use their smartphone to zoom around the house.

Each of the two control interfaces includes buttons to do tricks like wheelies and degree turns, complete with sound effects from the speaker of the phone. No problem.

Repairing this thing is as easy as snapping Lego bricks together … because it is snapping Lego bricks together.

remote control cars for kids

A squeeze of the trigger button on an otherwise unremarkable remote turns this long green car into a spinning ball. Another squeeze and it uncurls back.

This function can help the car right itself if you flip it on its side, and once your kid gets the hang of it they can even make it do the toy car equivalent of a headstand. The Incredibles movies are wonderful, and this remote-controlled toy is worthy of its cinematic inspiration. The speciality of this RC car is spinning.

The included LED lights look cool as this car is racing around, but they look even cooler when they blur together as it whips around like a top. These cars are recommended for kids as young as three.

remote control cars for kids

The steering wheel-shaped remote controls are easy for small hands to operate, and the fact that two cars, a police car and a race car, come in each pack means racing is a foregone conclusion. There are also removable figures that fit into each sound- and siren-producing car.

Of course, not all RC cars are about flash. Some, like scale excavator, are about getting stuff done. It may not be able to dig a foundation for a real building, but this yellow and black toy does have rubber tracks, a rechargeable battery, degree rotation, and independent operation of every joint, including the bucket. It can dig real holes in your backyard, but you might want to convince your kid to use it to clean up all the Legos strewn around her room. The inch robotic velociraptor come with a remote control that lets you stalk or run around, but you can also connect to it using an app on your smartphone.

Alternately, you can let him loose. The bionic dinosaur will walk around, its sonic and touch sensors helping it navigate within and react to its environment. The rechargeable battery powers the motor and working lights, letting kids pick up and move around any miniature debris they happen to find around the house.A remote control car is one of the favorite gifts kids would love to receive. Actually, even adults are also into RC cars as their hobby.

This toy helps improve the creativity and imagination as well as problem-solving abilities of the adults. For your kids, the toy cars can help them with their cognitive and psychomotor development. At present, there are hundreds of remote cars that you can choose from. Make sure that you choose the one that is safe for your kids. Here is the list of the 15 best remote control cars for kids that you can consider buying.

As the name implies it is easy to operate, this is one feature that makes Fisher Price RC cars popular.

All Powered Ride Ons

All you need to do is to press the left or right button to make it move and turn. You can adjust the level of speed from beginner to expert depending on what your kid prefers. The four driving ways of Fisher-Price RC are left, right, forward and backward. This toy car automatically turns off when not in use, thus it conserve its battery. The parents and kids love this Fisher-Price remote control car because it is available in cute and attractive design.

Our Rating: 4.

remote control cars for kids

For young kids that are starting to develop their cognitive and psychomotor skills, the Holy Stone RC Cartoon Car is a good option.

It has several features that are very helpful for kids on the developing stage.

RC Cars and Vehicles

This RC car has great music, flashlight headlight, can move forward and reverse left and has honking sound. You can also detach the driver from the car. Parents love the Holy Stone RC car because they believe that this toy is safe and helpful for their kids aside from being cute and fun. This RC car is designed like a Lamborghini with vibrant headlight if you move it forward and has red taillights if you move it backward.

This sports racing remote control car is officially licensed with an 8 to 10 MPH speed and a remote distance of 30 to It is easy to operate, with rechargeable battery and screwdriver. The remote control requires 2 double A batteries while the car needs 3 triple A batteries. This toy car is fun to play with as if you are really driving a Lamborghini. Our Rating: 3.

This remote control car is perfect for kids and adults who love the prancing horse. The radio controller is shaped like the steering wheel of the actual LaFerrari. Scale Ferrari model car has a remote distance of 30 feet. It resembles the real Ferrari with its working lights and color. The toy car has an all-independent spring and functional suspension system which makes it easy to navigate in and out of your home and also in outdoor areas with a flat and smooth surface.

It has full rubber tires with deep treads for better traction on any terrain, be it on rocky terrain, sandy beaches, or on the pavement. Each wheel has an independent suspension system that enables the best contact with the surface. The toy has shock proofing technology to keep the sensitive electronics protected inside the body of the car.

The engine is powerful enough to push the crawler up into steep surfaces of up to 90 degrees. It has a unique 3-point axle system that even your child can tumble on it upside down. This remote control car has a variety of LED light effects.

Kids can play on it for up to minutes when in full charge which normally takes two to three hours. The combination of LED light and stunts make it very stimulating for young children that can benefit their continuing brain development. The remote control has integrated plastic antenna for child safety others have a thin metal which breaks easily and shows safety hazard. The Holy Stone Lamborghini is an accurate representation of the multi-million dollar Lamborghini Veneno.You not only play with it using the remote control, but also place it as a exhibit on display shelf.

It will give your kids an interesting experience. Multiple rc cars playing at the same time, so kids can enjoy race car with their friends. The rubber outer tires give the car better grip and enhanced shock absorption, avoiding rolling over while playing. The remote control car works well on smooth surface, suitable to play inside and outside. Each remote control rc car is equipped with a 3. It can be used for about 15 minutes with a single full charge.

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Trusted seller.Updated: April 03, Shopping for an RC Car for Kids around the holidays can be financially advantageous too! Every RC kid car in this article was chosen for its price, safety, ease of use, and feature set, among other considerations.

Although most RC cars are not designed for toddlers, there are now a few manufacturers making battery cars for toddlers with remote control. The controller is specifically designed for toddler use and only uses two buttons to control the vehicle, while the battery car itself is made of non-toxic ABS plastic construction with soft edges.

Looking for reviews of some more advanced rc cars? Check out our in depth review of the best rc cars for sale today. The remote has only a single button, which makes it easy for kids and toddlers of any age to control. The Go! Click To Shop or Read Reviews. Kid Galaxy is a highly trusted name in the remote control car space, known for producing quality products that are reasonably priced. They come in several styles and are extremely easy to control.

Here at Dronethusiast, we firmly believe remote control cars are for everyone. Still, even though any of the cars listed elsewhere in this article are gender-neutral in our minds, we wanted to highlight this remote control car for girls who like more traditionally feminine designs.

It also comes with a sheet of cool stickers, so that your little girl can customize the vehicle for herself. These battery cars for kids with remote control are a little more advanced at this age range, with some features that are fun for anyone of any age.

Safety is still important, but the focus is now more on playability. Many plastic stunt cars are also recommended for the 10 and up age range. Maisto is a good brand that makes off-road RC cars for kids. Their RC Rock Crawler Extreme is our personal favorite — a tough off-road performer with four-wheel drive, full suspension, and large tires.

You can find the best price on Amazon. The best thing about this RC car is that it comes with plenty of beginner friendly features that will make it easy for any child to get the hang of and have a blast playing with. You can start with the slower mode to grasp the controls and as you or your child becomes more confident with driving, you can graduate to the faster speed mode. This will help whoever is driving feel in control at all times and help prevent the car from becoming damaged.

Plus, this RC car will run for about 15 minutes before needing to recharge the battery which is plenty of time to practice and have fun driving. This is great for any kid that loves exploring and has an adventurous side. This fast RC car for kids is one of our absolute electric cars with remote control ever. Traxxas makes professional-quality remote control vehicles for drivers of all ages, but even among their many great products the Rustler stands out for its great hardware, relatively low price, impressive speed, and great durability.

Its handling and drive capabilities push it far beyond the competition in this age range. This is a question with many answers! Children of different ages will prefer different remote control cars.

And even children of the same age may be looking for different types of experiences. Do you want a car that can go off-road, or one designed mainly for indoor use? Would you prefer to go fast, or to be safe?

These are about toys that the kids themselves can drive. Many of the battery cars for kids with remote control that we recommend above can be purchased for under dollars.


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